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Angling and War: The Collision of Big-Game Fishing and WWII

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   During the 1930s, big-game fishing emerged from obscurity to become the new passion of American sportsmen.  By decade's end, the capture of gigantic fish on the flimsiest of tackle had become the stuff of front page news.  Suddenly ... war.  This is the remarkable andd untold story of how the newly emerging sport of big-game fishing was plunged headlong into the defining event of the 20th century: World War II.  That big-game fishing was severely impacted by the war is no surprise, but the contributions of the angling community to the Allied war effort were equally vast.  The story of how each affected the other is both surprising and compelling, and here it is.

"Well written and magnificently researched."

                     Mark Sosin, Host, Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal

"Mike Rivkin's meticulous research and attention to detail has produced a very readable and fascinating book..."

                     Major General Bill Gorton, USAF (ret.)

   Published by Silverfish Press, 2007, hardbound, 258 pages, fully illustrated with more than 200 heretofore-unpublished photographs and images.  SORRY - SOLD OUT

About the author:

   Mike Rivkin is a retired catalogue publisher widely recognized over the years for his spirited and successful copywriting.  He is also an award-winning offshore angler, past president of the Tuna Club of Santa Catalina Island, and author of five books on the history and art of salt-water angling.  Rivkin lives in La Jolla, California with his wife and children and fishes the Pacific waters nearby.