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Articles by Meltzoff

Title Published Year Vol. Magazine/ Pages/ Book (quantity)
Italy: Report of Recent Painting Magazine Art Feb. 1946 Vol.39,No.2 Magazine (pg.52-57)
David Smith and Social Surrealism Magazine Art Mar. 1946 Vol.39,No.3 Magazine (pg.98-101)(2)
Book Review on Norman Rockwell, Illustrator by Arthur Guptill Magazine Art Mar. 1947 Vol.40, No.3 Magazine (pg.124)
Book Review on Art in Modern Ballet by George Amberg Magazine Art Oct. 1947 Vol.40, No.6 Magazine (pg.252)
Slumbering Sharks Sports Illustrated May. 24, 1976 Vol.44,No.21 Magazine (pg.36-42)(2)
More of Less is Best Sports Illustrated Jan. 29, 1979 Vol.50, No.4 Magazine (pg.26-27)(2)
January, 10, 1978 Grey's Sporting Journal Mar. 1979 Vol.4,Iss.2 Magazine (pg.88-89)(3)
Swordfish, Mako, and Squid Sporting Classics Jan./Feb. 2000 Vol.19,Iss.1 Magazine (pg.106)(3)
Understanding Avati: Understanding Ourselves Paperback Parade
Vol.1,No.24 Book (pg. 37-39)(4)
Stanley Meltzoff: "Underwater art…closer to mystical vision than to recordable fact" Southwest Art Nov. 1980 Vol. 10,No.6 Magazine (pg.112-119)
Exploring a "New World: Barrier Reef" Underwater Naturalist 1966 Vol.3,No.4 Magazine (pg.27-32)(2)
Confusing Caribbean Carcharinids Underwater Naturalist
Vol.17,No.4 Magazine (pg.14-20)
An Unusual Occurrence of Sharks Underwater Naturalist
Vol.7,No.1 Magazine (pg.40-41)
Book Review on Twilight of Painting by R.H.Ives Gammell Magazine of Art Nov. 1947 Vol.40,No.7 Magazine (pg.291)(2)
The Revival of the Le Nains The Art Bulletin Sep. 1942 Vol.XXIV,No.3 Magazine (pg.259-286)
On The Rhetoric of Vision Leonardo
Vol.3,pp.27-38 Magazine (pg.27-37)(2)
A Place of Liquid Light Field & Stream Feb. 1993
Pages (pg.48-56)
On Wildlife Art and Its Critics Catasus Spring 1987 Vol.2, No.1 Magazine (pg.12-23)(2)