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Commercial Art

INV # Digital Image Scan Company Painting Name/ Description Magazine Year Magazine/ Pages/ Cover/ Prints (quantity) Set-up Photos

image: att
AT&T At&T Phone book Cover Illustration Aug. 2002 Magazine (pg.33)(36), Print Photos

Frigidaire Frigidaire advertisement Life 25-Jul-60 Magazine (pg.67)

Goodyear Goodyear advertisement Life Aug. 29,1960 Magazine (pg.52)

Maybeline Maybelline advertisement Life Aug. 29,1960 Magazine (pg.51)

Ford Fairline 500 Club Victorian blue car with 17 people around, all different ages and different professions Saturday Evening Post 1957 Page (6)

The Davison Chemical Corporation Combination Lock "The Right Combination…"

Page Photos

The Prudential Christmas bulb with a reflection of a family


The Prudential "Two Stepping stones to independence"
1951 Print

Socony-vacuum Spider spilling on a machine leaking oil Business Week Jan. 29, 1955 Print (2)

Newsweek Jan. 31, 1955

Textile World Feb. 1955

Honey Bee on Beehive Neeley Associates Inc.
Mounted Print

United Engineers Blueprints, concrete forms, workers, structural steel Fortune Apr-56 Print, Mounted print Large photos

American Artist May-56 Magazine (pg.28-29)(7)

United Engineers Two Construction Workers balance on ladder to fix power line Fortune Dec., Nov. Print (5)

Business Week 21-Nov-59

United Engineers One man on Steel tower reaching up for wire Fortune July Print (4)

Business Week 21-Jun

223 223 Insulated Lines and Valves, Linden,
United Engineers Piping system, valves and gages Fortune April Print (5), Scan 223

Business Week 15-Mar

United Engineers Giant pyramids of red hopper bottoms Fortune June Print (2)

Business Week 17-May

United Engineers 3 structural steel workers bolting on red steel Fortune February, 1956 Print (4), Page

Business Week 26-Jan-56


United Engineers Drawings, slide rule, and blueprints Company brochure
4 brochures

227 Atomic Engineering, Charts,

Fortune September Print (2), Scan 227

Business Week 25-Aug

230 230 Construction Helmet and Gloves,
United Engineers Welding rods, helmet, blueprints, and tools. Fortune August Print (3), Scan 230

Business Week 28-Jul

United Engineers An electrostatic precipitator in Winter Fortune March Print (6), Page

Business Week 23-Feb

222 222 Chemical Industrial Symbols
United Engineers Stack of blueprints and red pressure holder. Fortune May Print (4), page, , Scan 222

Business Week 28-Apr

UE Transformers & Men
United Engineers Two men and a giant ceramic insulator. Fortune Aug-58 Print (2), Page

Also printed in Filmfax Jan./Mar. 2004 Magazine (pg.81)(2)

United Engineers Cinstruction workers complete the connections to a giant high-pressure boiler drum Fortune May Print (2), Mounted print

Business Week 20-Apr

215 Welding #2
United Engineers Chemical installation tools: welding mask, gloves, blueprints


United Engineers "Skill and Knowledge" Fortune February Print (2)

Business Week 14-Feb

United Engineers One hand with glove, one without Fortune August, 1957 Print (2)

Business Week 13-Jul

United Engineers Power switch Fortune June Print (2)

Business Week 8-May

United Engineers Black glove holding draftman's pencil Fortune July Print (2)

Business Week 15-Jun

228 228 Welders Under Canvas Screen
United Engineers Welder inside a building with pipes Fortune January Print (2), Scan 228

Business Week 29-Dec

216 216 Canvas Covering
United Engineers Blueprints, tripod, concrete buggy in front of green UE cloth Fortune Dec-57 Print, Page, Scan 216

United Engineers Gloved hand holding template with many shapes

220 220 Welding on Site of Steel Mill
United Engineers Welder in front with huge plant in background Fortune December Print (2), Scan 220

Business Week 26-Nov

United Engineers Construction of large building . Foreground has rods sticking up, scraper, and yellow tool. Fortune March Print (2)

Business Week 15-Feb

229 229 Drafting and Engineering Symbols,
United Engineers Coins, calandar, watch, and yellow hard hat. Fortune November Print (3), Scan 229

Business Week 27-Oct

231 231 Refinery Lines
United Engineers Colorful pipelines, and cranes in background. Fortune November Print (2), Scan 231

Business Week Oct. 29

United Engineers Steel girder, tools, and city on horizon Fortune February, 1958 Print, Page
213 213 Gas Symbols
United Engineers Large red wrench with black ore and blue flames Fortune October Print (2), Scan 213

Business Week Sept. 8

United Engineers "A Reactor reports for Duty" Fortune August, 1959 Print (2)

Image printed in Illustration Aug. 2002 Magazine (pg.28)(36)

Business Week Aug. 1, 1959


United Engineers Electric power plant with blue prints in yellow construction desk Fortune December Print (2), image: 217 Construction of Electric Condensors, Scan 217

Business Week Nov. 24


United Engineers Catalytic gas production unit against cold, late afternoon sky. Fortune March Print (2), page (2), image: 221 Gas Works, Scan 221

Business Week Feb. 25

United Engineers "To Build a processing plant" Fortune March Print (2)

Business Week March 14, August 29

United Engineers Two high voltage ceramic insulators with leveling rod Fortune July Print (3)

Business Week Jun. 30

United Engineers Chemical research via pipes and valves Fortune October Print (2)

United Engineers Big sheet of metal being directed by three men, three men digging, one man at scope "Shaping Concrete and Steel" Fortune Sep. 1958 Print (3), Page

United Engineers Three men, the planners, survey the land Fortune May Print (2)

Business Week Apr. 19

United Engineers Red steel, tools, and rulers are stacked on blueprints Fortune June, July 1959 Print (6), page, Photos

Business Week July 4, May 26


United Engineers Power plant overtakes corn field Business Week Dec. 31, 1955 Print (3), image: 218 Power Plant Construction, Scan 218

Fortune Jan. 1956


United Engineers Construction of dam, with large red draft tube in background Fortune February Print (3), image: 225 Penstock Construction, Scan 225

Business Week Jan. 28

United Engineers "Three shifts on a stack" Fortune October Print (4), page, image

Also printed in Illustration Aug. 2002 Magazine (pg.28)(36)

Business Week Oct. 24, 1959


United Engineers Red cylinder case of massive steam turbine Fortune April Print (2), image: 224 Turbine Construction, Scan 224

Business Week March, 23

United Engineers Large Yellow Tractor Fortune November, Sep. Print (2)

Business Week Sep. 26, 1959

United Engineers Construction workers on red steel beems in a cloudy sky, "Skeleton in the Sky" Fortune May 5, January Mounted print (2)

Also printed in Illustration Aug. 2002 Magazine (pg.28)(36)

United Engineers Leveler on top of large red electricity conducter with yellow device dangling a pointed weight. Background is dark and cloudy sky

Mounted print

United Engineers A business man sitting on a stool holding a leveler and triangle protractor, with blue prints on the floor and stars in the blue sky

Mounted print

United Engineers Anvil, metal mideval glove on blue prints, and welding torch

Mounted print

United Engineers Large red statue with small flame on top, with men on left setting up tripod and blueprints

Mounted print

United Engineers Long red beam with blue prints sandwiched on top and bottom with a protracator on top of beam

Mounted print

United Engineers "A Big Lift" Yellow crane with chemical atoms of blue and orange floating around

Mounted print

Briggs "Beautyware in Color": sea green bathroom with large white flowers Saturday Evening Post Nov. 22, 1952 Print (2), Page 127

Better Homes & Gardens December, 1952

Briggs "Beautyware in Color": sky blue bathroom with blue flowers Saturday Evening Post Apr. 12, 1952 Page 139

Alcoa Aluminum "versatile as nature's design": powerlines with sketchpat of snowflakes

Print, mounted print (2)

Alcoa Aluminum "Alcoa Aluminum Spheres hover near the Ocean floor."

Large prints (2)

Alcoa Aluminum A large sunflower with power line in background

Mounted print

Investor-Owned Electric Light and Power Companies "Memoirs of a backward nation"

Mounted prints, Page (3)

Sylvania "The Unmistakable Ring of Reliability", Hammer hitting anvil

Page (2), mounted print (2)

Sylvania "What hath God wrought": electron tube

Page, mounted print

Sylvania "New earth creatures from sylvania": two electron tubes and two electric boxes

Page, mounted print, print proof

Sylvania "Survival Kit in Electronics"


Abbott Parenterals "Icebreaker": Two boats cutting through icy water
1960 Page

Abbott Parenterals "Boston Light: Reliability in Action", Lighthouse in a storm
1958 Page (2), mounted print

Abbott Parenterals "Greenwich Observatory": Observatory at night with moon
1959 Print (4)

Rohm & Hass Co Nickel plating process ("beaty bath for metals" "Boiler feed water from this?")

Print page (6), mounted print

Rohm & Haas Company COVER "Ion Exchange with the Amberlite Resins"
Apr. 1955 Magazine

Rohm & Haas Company "A library of Ion Exchange Resins" Chemical and Engineering News Jan. 26, 1953 Print (3), mounted prints

Scientific American Mar. 1953

Rohm & Haas Company "Beads by the cubic foot" Rohm & Haas Reporter Mar./Apr. 1956 Page, mounted print

Rohm & Hass Co "8,000,000 gallons from 1 cubic foot"

Print Page (6), mounted print

Rohm & Hass "Prelude to Atomic Energy" Scientific American Aug. 1956 Page (14), mounted print

Rohm & Hass "Method for Obtaining Healthy Yields" Scientific American Apr. 1953 Page (2)

Chemical & Engineering News Feb. 23, 1953 Page (2)

Rohm & Hass "Pharmacist's Balance" Illustration Aug. 2002 Magazine (pg.29)(36), mounted print, image: "R&Hscale", Scan 190

Rohm & Haas Company Large spherical plant

American Artist May. 1956 Magazine (pg. 24)(7)

Rohm & Haas Co. "Water Refined here"

Mounted print (2)

Rohm & Haas Co. "Sugar by the ton: 99.99% pure"


Rohm & Haas Co. COVER "Advanced I-T-E Low Voltage Switchgear"

Magazine (2), Print

"Intestinal Absorption" Nutrition Today March 1967, Vol.2,no.1 Magazine (cover) (3)

"Breakfast in Sealab II" Nutrition Today Mar. 1966 Magazine (cover)(6), mounted print, photos

"The Most Exciting Vertebrates" Nutrition Today Sept. 1966 Magazine (cover), mounted print

"Intestinal Malabsorption" Nutrition Today Sept. 1968 Magazine (cover)(2)

"Gastric Function" Nutrition Today Sept./Oct. 1971 Magazine (cover)(2)

Mobil Oil Co. Little girl making mud pies National Geographic

Mobil Oil Co. "Trackwalker with a Ph.D." College Engineering Magazines Nov-57 Print (4)

Mobil Oil Co. "Doctor of ships"


Mobil Oil Co. "Business Conference" underwater

Print, Photos

Mobil Oil Co. "Keys to the Universe"

Mounted print

Humble Oil & Refining CO. "Each Day Humble Supplies America with the Evergy of a Hurricane ??
Page (pg.117-118)

Part II: More Livable Homes, series of 6 paintings

"Bold New Plan for Best Plan Use"
Sept. 22, 1958 Magazine (74-75)(2), mounted print

"Elegant But Practical"
Sept. 22, 1958 Magazine (77-79)(2)

Similac cards
Jul. 1950 Card (2)

Aug. 1950 Card (3)

Sept. 1950 Card (2)

Nov. 1950 Card (2)

Dec. 1950 Card

Jan. 1951 Card (2)

Feb. 1951 Card (5)

Mar. 1951 Card (6)

Apr. 1951 Card (4)

May. 1951 Card (2)

Aug. 1951 Card

Sept. 1951 Card

Jan. 1952 Card

Mar. 1952 Card

May. 1952 Card

CBS "Suspense" bright red hands tied with string with background of a man running away through a tunnel

Large envelope

New York Stock Exchange A business man "Where does a job come from?...from a storm?...from a wire?...from a log?..."

Mounted print

Presto Recording Corp. "The finest instruments give lasting satisfaction"

MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co.) Two image boxes: one with a welder, one with a construction worker with red had and mouth mask. "Why can you depend on MSA for protective clothing?.."

Mounted print (3), print, page

MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co.) Man in red helmet running to MSA speaker phone mounted on wall

mounted print

MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co.) Man in blue jumper wearing a gas mask

mounted print

MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co.) Two image boxes: two men's faces looking up with boggles and red helmet on, a group of men working in a construction site with a man on a beam pointing down.

Mounted print (3)

Columbia Nitrogen Corporation A woman at sewing weasel and little boy "The American Farmer: His Patience"

Columbia Nitrogen Corporation Man plowing with two horses "The American Farmer: His Strength" The Progressive Farmer
Print (5), mounted print

Columbia Nitrogen Corporation Old man and boy widdling "The American Farmer: His Serenity"

Columbia Nitrogen Corporation Farmer using a grill-like farm tool "The American Farmer: His Wisom"

Mounted print (2)

Smith Brothers: Cough Drops Two cherries with box of wild cherry cough drops

Mounted print

Two lantern-like objects with a wisk-like propeller pushing them through the water

print, mounted print

Pink floor, lots of mirrors with 3 electrical devices standing in front of mirrors


Anaconda Duralox Interlocked-armor Cable

mounted print

"An Egg That Hatches Miracles"

Mounted print

"Radio-telephone hookup" a storm outside window with man reaching for phone inside house

Mounted print