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Interviews, Bios

Title Published Year Volume Magazine/ Page/ Print/ Mounted print (quantity)
"Stanley Meltzoff: picture maker for the printing press" American Artist May-56
Magazine (pg.24-30,64-66) (7)
"Stanley Meltzoff (1917-2006)" Locus Dec-06 vol.57,No.6 Magazine (pg.5, 85-87)(3)
"This 'N That" by The Editors Sporting Classics March/April 2007 Vol.26,Iss.2 Magazine (pg.12-13)(3)
"This 'N That" by The Editors

"Stanley Meltzoff: An Appreciation" by Gary Lovisi Paperback Parade Jul-00 Issue 54 Book (pg. 81-91)
"Stanley Meltzoff: Mortamorphoses of a Picture Maker "by Stanley Meltzoff Illustration Aug. 2002 Vol. 1, No.4 Magazine (pg.20-39) (36)
"The Paperback Art of James Avati" by Piet Schreuders" Convo with Avati and Meltzoff Illustration Oct. 2001 Vol.1, No.1 Magazine (pg.18-30)
"In Memoriam: Stanley Meltzoff" Illustration Winter 2007 Vol.5, No.18 Magazine (pg.2-3)(2)
"Stanley Meltzoff: The Rembrandt of Science Fiction Art" Interview by James Wilson Filmfax Jan./Mar. 2004 No.101 Magazine (pg.74-81)(2)
"Stanley Meltzoff: A Painter of Fishes" Underwater Naturalist
Vol.28,No.3 Magazine (pg.17-23)(2)
"Confusing Carcharhinids: The Final Chapter?" by Samuel H. Gruber Underwater Naturalist
Vol.22, No.1 Magazine (pg.16-23)
"Stanley Meltzoff" The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum presents Wildlife in Art

Book (pg.53)(4)
"Stanley Meltzoff" Art for the New Collector 1840 -2001 July - Aug. 2002
Book (pg.43)
"A 'Collection' of palettes surfaces in New Jersey" by Constance Bond Smithsonian Dec. 1993 Vol.24,No.9 Magazine (pg.106-109)
"Featured Artist: Stanley Meltzoff" The Sportsman's Gallery, Ltd. Winter 1997-98
Magazine (pg.62-63)(2)
"The World's Great Billfish"by Duncan Barnes Field & Stream Apr. 1988 Vol.XCII,No.11 Magazine (pg.84)(3)